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Love this guy right here, Asa Sabree! Not just our Logistics Director, he is the best business partner, supporter, and most importantly the best friend that Primitive Plates could have ever found. When we are tired he pushes us. When business opportunities coming up, he make sure we first on the list to show our talent and passion. And when we need help executing our events, he's always hands on with no hesitation. He definitely keeps our team strong!
Aysha Godfrey, Executive chief and co-owner of Primitive Plates, LLC.

Helped us to organize our prep and catering operations in a  more productive and efficient manner. Thanks.
 Roots & Culture Catering  Company,  Majestic Numas’Terrain
 Professional  Wholistic  Catering

Made setting up and working in the recreation center's kitchen less of a core and 
more of an adventure.
Happy Hollow Recreation Center , Youth Committee

Asa is dependable and knowledgeable.
Raise of  Hope, Inc. , Habeebah Ali
Housing & Community Development

Mr. Sabree's presentation was informative and interactive. The group did not want him to stop.
Ujima Press Real Communication, Otu Kwaku
Small Publishing company

Students enjoyed his presentation and I learned a great deal about food safety.
Sankofa Fine Arts & Recreation Center, Sakinah  Sabree
Culinary Arts program

Accessible, professional and budget conscious and he saved our company money. 
We especially enjoyed his menu suggestions and cooking tips.
Amadi Wellness Connection, Tamika Coleman / Izona Fripp
Wholistic Health and Wellness Education Center

I like the way he and his crew work.
Gilliard & Associates,  Ahmad Gilliard
Environmental Engineering

Seems to be always ready to lend a helping hand. Our group appreciated his expertise.
Grand Mom's Kitchen Restaurant, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The food industry needs more quality people like Asa Muhammad Sabree. His passion for the field and dedication to helping clients is outstanding.
Ali's FACES, Zakiyyah Ali
Food, Agri-business, Consulting, and Environmental Services 

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